What should I test?

Personal testing is the best way to get deep insights into problems, usage patterns or even opportunities. Personal testing can be performed in personal meeting or via phone call. 

We recommend performing personal testing to explore the following: 

  • Brainstorm ideas for new product or new features with your target customer (existing or potential) 
  • Explore problems in the space you build your product. For example, are there any problems you could potentially solve in booking flight space? Or traffic tickets? Or food delivery?
  • Explore real-life usage patterns. For example, how do people search for a new rental? Or for a student loan? 
  • Explore business processes of your target users and find room for improvements.
  • Test reaction to your first prototype - does it solve existing problems? 
  • Define your MVP - which of the features you have in mind are essential for your first version of the product?
  • Test usability of your designs. Although this can be done with unmoderated testing too, personal testing gives you more room to ask questions, get a live reaction and explore potential solutions

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