How to Invite Testers

This article will help you to get started with personal meetings and phone calls. 

  1. Create a test with Personal Meeting or Phone Call type, depending on your business need. Include project overview and scheduling details: when and where you'd like to meet/talk. 

2. Find testers using filters. 

A Tip: If you're looking for testers near you, we recommend to searching by ZIP code rather than specific city, especially in places like the Bay Area with many cities close to each other. 

3. Invite people by clicking the "Invite" button

4. Add/Select the credit card you'd like to use. We'll charge it only once testers confirm your invitation

5. Wait for testers to confirm your invitation during 48 hours - you'll receive an email upon every confirmation. 

6. Agree on the specific day, time, place. 

What if testers didn't accept your invitation? 

Because ATryBox is all about personal user testing and you're inviting specific people that you select, we cannot guarantee that all of them are going to accept your invitations. This may happen for many reasons, such as location, time or person's business at this time. Most of the testers have a full-time job and are also busy just like you.

Technically testers have 48 hours to accept your invitation and 10 days to complete (for personal meetings and phone calls). If they haven't accepted during 48 hours, they'll not be able to accept and we'll not charge you for this specific tester, so once the invitation is expired, you can invite other testers. 

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