Supported Types of Tests

What's common for all five types of tests?

For all types of tests testers have only 48 hours to confirm your invitation. For online tests they have 48 hours to complete after confirming and for personal testing we give 10 days to complete the meeting (personal or on the phone).

Once tester confirms your invitation, we'll authorize full amount on your credit card and once testers mark tests as completed, we'll charge your card and you have 7-day refund policy in case if tester marked it as completed before actually meeting with you.

If testers do not confirm their participating after 48 hours, they'll not be able to participate in your test, you'll not get charged and you can invite other testers. 

Now, more about specific types of tests:

1. Personal Meetings

Ability to invite selected testers to meet personally is a unique feature of ATryBox platform. You can search testers in your area who're ready to meet with you and invite them to meet either in your office or in another place. 

You'll need to pick "Personal Meeting" when creating new test and include information about your project and schedule. 

Unlike other tests, testers pick their own price for personal meetings.

2. Phone Calls

Phone Calls are the second unique feature of our platform. You can invite any tester to talk to you on the phone.

You'll need to pick "Phone Call" when creating the test and include project overview and scheduling details. You have an ability to message tester to agree on more specific details if tester confirms. 

3. Online Usability Tests

Online Usability Tests are unmoderated and give you an opportunity to see how users use your site. You'll need to provide us a URL and tasks you want tester to perform and invited testers will record how they perform these tasks and their thoughts. 

4. Surveys: 

You can invite any tester to fill out survey. You can give us a URL to any third-party tool or you can use ATryBox Survey engine to generate a survey. 

Pick "Survey" as Test Type and then "Create New Test" if you want to use ATryBox Survey engine. 

You can access results from  Tests > Selected Test > Statistics.

5. Help to Choose

Help to Choose is another unique feature of ATryBox platform, it works similar to survey, but instead of conducting thorough research, you can ask tester to pick what's better: logo, name, slogan, design, etc. 

You can either give a link to prepared survey or use ATryBox engine.

If you use ATryBox engine, we'll ask you to provide choice as url or upload an image. Tester will either go to URLs or will look at the images and will pick an option he likes more. 

You can access results from Tests > Selected Test > Statistics.

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