Tester FAQ

Who can sign up to test products?

We currently accept only U.S. residents (permanent and not permanent) over 18 years old, who are authorized to perform contractual work and have a U.S. bank account to receive payments.

Do I need any technical skills?

There are no skills needed beyond your ability to connect to the Internet. In many tests you'll be asked to review the product, click through it and answer a few questions about your experience.

Do I need any equipment?

Yes! For a Phone Call you'll need a phone and computer with connection to the Internet. For an Online Usability test you'll need a computer connected to the Internet with a microphone, as you'll need to record your thoughts. For a survey and helping to choose something, you'll need a computer with an Internet connection.

How much and how will I get paid?

We want to make sure that you're compensated fairly; therefore, we don't allow anyone to set lower prices. You can only set your own price for a Personal Meeting, as it includes variable commute and time needed. For a Phone Call you'll receive $35, for an online usability test $25, for Survey $10, and if you help to choose something $5. You'll receive your payment on the 8th day after you complete the test via Venmo (a PayPal company). If you don't have a Venmo account, you'll be able to create it with the first payment and transfer your money to your bank account.

Do I have to pay any commission?

No, we're not charging you any commission. We'll transfer your payment to your Venmo account (that you can create once you get payment) and you can transfer it to your bank account. Venmo doesn't charge commission to transfer to most US banks, but you'll need to check your specific bank with Venmo.

When will I receive my payment?

We have a 7-day clearing period when the requester can complain and potentially receive a refund. If there are no issues, we'll transfer your payment to your Venmo account on the 8th day.

Do I have to pay taxes?

We won’t charge you any taxes on your payments but you're responsible for reporting all you have to report to the IRS.

How can I increase my chances of being invited?

There is no way besides the recommendations that you receive from clients if you provide valuable feedback. Companies invite testers who satisfy their criteria and who can be helpful with their research.  

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