Payments to Testers, Taxes, 1099s

ATryBox will help you to automate all billing flow and not worry about it ever again: 

- We'll pay testers - they'll receive their payments to their Venmo account, automatically 

- We'll distribute 1099-MISC, if tester did testing volume that required 1099-MISC 

- Testers are responsible for their own taxes

Due to the nature of the marketplace, we charge a customer's credit card for every specific tester once they accept your invitation. 

Testers specify their own price for a personal meeting and they'll receive payment 7 days after they set the meeting with you as "Completed" in their ATryBox portal. 

Unless you opted out from emails, you'll receive an email for every completed test and you have 7 days to complain. 

After 7 days we transfer the tester's payment to their Venmo account and they can decide to use it there or deposit it to their bank account.  

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