Billing Flow

In this article we're going to cover billing flow. 

1. When you invite users to your testing projects, we'll show you an Estimated Project Total and will ask for a credit card. At the moment when you invite users we're going to authorize $1 on your credit card to make sure that your credit card is active. 

2. Testers will receive your invitations and can confirm (or decline, or ignore). At the moment when a tester confirms your invitation, we'll authorize the amount related to this specific tester on your credit card. 

3. Once the tester completes the test, we'll settle the transaction on your credit card. 

  • As the result of this workflow, you'll see:
  • An individual transaction for every completed test
  • That your actual project total would be equal to or less than the estimated project total, because some testers may not accept your testing invitation

You can see all transactions on your Account page:

4. You have 7 days refund policy from the moment when tester has completed your request.

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